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Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Civil War Blocks (spelling?)

Today I was able to spend a little time sewing and completed 3 more blocks. This time I did number and name them.
Now if I would just be as productive on my Dear Jane I might be getting somewhere. 

#7 Log Cabin

#9 Birds in the Air

#6 Richmond
And guess what, I found another tub af fabric. This one had Jo Morton collections.

So this make 7  of the 10 for this week aready done and I have 5 days left to do the remaining 3. Now if I can keep it up I'll be gaining headway quick. 
Till next time


  1. Go Kat Go! I think you are displaying an excellent work ethic and all the while keeping your family in baking too. I'm so impressed by all the bloggers lately - such fine and voluminous amounts of work being done. Love the civil war blocks - what a lot of piecing in each one.

  2. I love history quilts. :) Welcome to BOMs Away! You've got a lot done already.

  3. You go girl!! Beautiful blocks. Just found your blog!


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