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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update on Civil War Blocks

Yesterday I was able to do a couple more so it brings my total to 9, whooo-hooo!!!

#11 London Square

#10 Lincoln's Platform

I also had been working on some applique for the 30's clubs quilt.. Next month is the last month for the BOM of the 30's and I will be assembling all the blocks together

I have one more that looks the same but is larger and then another to finish appliquing.

Then I realize with all that I have been doing that I forgot to give  the conclusion of the snowman quilt and the putting on of the last border. I had full intention of completing it last week but I did not realize the fabric given and the instructions did not correlate until after I had cut the fabric and was assembling it. So that made me short.
Not much, but enough where I had to go get some more fabric. I have to wait to finish because my quilt is used at my friends shop for the sample of a BOM offer this year. I'll have to wait to show it after next month.

Tomorrow I am going to make and  give the pattern to another apron. Reminder about Tie One On Day. It will be a week from tomorrow.

Till next time

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  1. All the blocks are looking wonderful! Love your fabric choices for CWR. Your applique blocks are beautiful!! I'm about to start an applique project. Have a great day!



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