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Friday, November 11, 2011

National Corduroy Day

This day has so many recognitions attached to it
U.S. Veteran's Day
National Corduroy Day

First and for most Thank a Veteran for their time served to our country.

Then I want to show my corduroy quilt. This is a quilt that came from "the of the place" family. Not sure who made it since his mother past away and that is when we received it. There was no label or anything to say who made it. (we need to label our quilts!!!)

It is so soft. I'm guessing used and washed many times. I love the simple bar pattern used.

Batting is very thick, probably a Poly bat.
Tied with red acrylic yarn about every 4".

The back is done in flannel, again so soft. The colors are not what I would of expected to see from "the man of the place" family. You see it was a house of men except his mom.

I became aware of this day from reading Deb Rowden"s Blog. I just love her blog. And that is where I saw this link.

Now that you had seen mine you can check a show of others by going to Nifty Quilts.

Till later

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  1. I LOVE your quilt--the pattern, the ties, the well-loved coziness. I'm glad you could join the fun today! I'll add you to our show list.


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