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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Purple Haze

That is what I have been seeing these past couple of days. I've been working on the Purple Sugar Twist Quilt

 I made mine bigger (of course) so it takes 90 blocks compared to the one offered in the pattern (36)

I can say that I am finished with that part. It wasn't a hard block to make and it went quickly. It only took 2.5" strips cut to 3 different lenths.

 Had to sew a background 2.5" square to the ends of each color piece in the block and then would sew an additional square to the end like so.


Then take that piece and sew it to the other color strip, so on and so on until all strips are sewn together. Each block used 2 different fabrics. I used 20 different purples, plus the background.

 As you can see there is only six strips involved in each block.

 Looks like this when completed.

Trim, but need to take care and leave a 1/4" from each point. The block was suppose to be 6 1/4" x 9 1/4" but mine did not work out to be those measurement. Slightly smaller by an 1/8". It will work or lets say I'll make it work.

Next I will be putting on the sashing but that has to wait till later. I'm ready to just go spend some time with "the man of the place", even if it is watching TV together.

What a pile, makes me feel good to finally see them all completed.

Till next time

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