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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's next

I have decided that I am going to work on only projects that  I have started and can't start any new ones until I finish at least two WIP's. I've been writing done the WIP's and putting them order of priority. Like if this is going to be a gift that needs to done for Christmas, or how long ha it been since I started this one, etc. I decided to work on a quilt that I started at the beginning of this year. It's a free BOM pattern called Birdie Stitches at  Little Miss Shabby .
The cuties little embroider blocks. I just can't pass embroidery patterns. So I went through my stash because its a rule I gave myself, Use Up My Stash First. I looked for fabric that would go together nicely but I have such a Hodge Podge of stuff I couldn't find a good group. But then I remember I had all these charm packs and it would work perfect because there are 2.5" squares all around the embroidered block. It's not a soft look like the example she shows but cute none the less.

So I took the 5" square and cut the square in quarters making 4 - 2.5" from each square. Finished sewing them together today. Yeppie.
The blocks unfinished are 12.5" and there are 12 of them. The quilt will be  52 x 66 when done.

Now that all the blocks are  sewn together, it was time to put the embroidery pattern on the blocks. I have in the past just take a water solvable maker and draw the pattern on but since I have started using this printable transfer paper, I just use this most of the time. 
It's much quicker and easier. Because is sticks to the fabric while you stitch, it gives your fabric some firmest to it, so a majority of the time I do not use a hoop and the results are like if you did use a hoop.. All you do is print a copy of your pattern, pull it off the paper backing and place it where you want it. If you don't get it placed just right, it can easily be peeled off and repositioned.

 And I find it very easy to stitch through, not too stiff and there is no stickiness to it. When you are all done stitching, it dissolves in cool water.

Now I have this project ready to go for when I feel like doing some embroidery. I  have one other embroidery quilt to get ready. I'm planning my winter piecework to do.

Till next time


  1. Your aim of working on your WIP's is a great one. I have been doing this for my UFO's in what I call my "Accountability List" and it has worked a treat for me. Only 2 items left and then I only have my current WIP's and I now limit them to the 6 containers that I have :o)

    Your Birdie Stitches looks great, Love the colors. Mine is line to be quilted, hopefully in time to be given as a gift in 2 weeks.

  2. oooOOOOooo - that looks like some really great stuff. Thanks for sharing - I'll have to look for it.


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