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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make a Dish Towel Apron

Here is the first of the apron patterns I promise to show how to make.
This one is very easy and affordable.
You need two dish towels, and 1 1/4 yard of 3/4" twill tape (available at Joann's)

I had a package of three so I picked the two I liked, cost was $4.00.

The towel that serves as the bib should be cut down to about 12" wide and hemmed along its long edges so that it is not too wide for the chest of the wearer.

 To hem folded  the edge 1/4" and press and than fold again 1/4 and press.
Then stitch.

Take the one you want for bib and lay it  placed vertically, serves as the bib of the apron and the backside of its pockets. The second, positioned horizontally across the bottom half of the first towel, wraps around the wearer's hips and provides the front of the pockets. You might need to cut the bottom of the towel to make it the desired depth for pockets. I had to take off about 6", (this will depend on the size of your towel) Hem the cut edge like the side was done.

Sew the towels together along the bottom and side edges of the vertical towel. Stitch a line vertically up the center to make the pockets. The basic shape of the apron -- an upside-down T with two long pockets -- should now be complete.

Now cut two 12-inch lengths of 3/4-inch twill tape, stitch one end of each to the top of the bib. Do the same for the waist ties, but cut them longer: Fourteen inches apiece will be long enough for the average waist

Reminder about Tie One On Day Nov. 23th. If you haven't heard, go check it out.
I had an extra towel so that is what I'm going to wrap the baked bread in when I give it to my neighbor down the road.

Tomorrow I'm baking and I'll share the easiest and great tasting artisan bread. 

Till next time

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  1. I found your blog through the Pioneer Woman website. This apron pattern is very cute and a resourceful use of dish towels. I love the name "Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm." Best of luck with your blog.

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I came to visit you through South Breeze Farm GTC! Beautiful place you have here!


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