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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things never go as planned

Do you ever plan on doing something and only get to do a part of it, well that is how today went. I really tried to stay on task but somehow I find myself doing something else.
So I get off to a slow start because I write my post this morning and than I figure, oh I'll just check on some of the others I follow and before I know it I have been on the computer for over an hour.
OK, I can just get to sewing right after I eat something, hadn't had anything yet and it's close to 11:00 o'clock. I eat lunch. Now you see I have had this conditions since I was a child and that is after I eat lunch I get very sleeping and can find myself napping before I know it. Guess what, I did. Now it's 1:00 o'clock and I still have not sewn a stitch, so finally I am in there sewing. But I had to stop a couple of hours later because I had to run to the post office, pharmacy, feed store and then the grocery store. Get back home and realize I hadn't feed the livestock, off I go.
Get to sew a little more before I have to start dinner and then I get to sew for a little while longer afterwards.

This is what I was able to get done after all that.

It doesn't look like much but I was able to finish appliqueing with a blanket stitch on the last two sections in the lower right corner. Than I put all the blocks together. And finally I was able to cut and sew 2.5" squares of different reds to be the first border. I still have the last border that will be a dark blue 6" wide. I should/will get it done tomorrow.

Laura, if you look down at the bottom right under the quilt, do you see it. It's a sign I have that has OSU.

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  1. Any day in which you can get the borders on a project is a productive day, in my opinion. What a fun quilt.


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