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Monday, November 21, 2011

Trugging along

I have been working on some more of BB CWBOW, and when I went on her blog today to do another block I notice, not knowing when she had posted it, that she is going to leave her Civil War blog up until April so us who are behind can get caught up. Now I really didn't need to hear that. I can procrastinate and heaven know that is just to tempting. I'm going to pretend I didn't read that. 
I did my quota of 10 blocks for last week and 3 blocks done for this week. 
I notice that it seems like I can spend  just as much time picking out the fabric as it take to make the block. But there's so much involved, I'm trying not to use the same fabric more than once. There will come a time I'll need to but it's a challenge to see if can get away with using all the fabric just once.

#17 Comfort Quilt
#3 Seven Sisters

#12 Louisiana

#8 Cotton Boll

 I'm really feeling good about each one I get done. I'm almost done with a 1/4 on them already.
Suppose to rain part of the day tomorrow so I see sewing  my future

Till next time

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  1. Wow - your stars look so good on Seven Sisters. What technique did you use?


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