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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apron Pattern #2

I promised another apron and here is my spin on a free pattern for a groovy apron.

courtesy of http://www.sew4home.com/
 This site where I found this pattern has a very good step by step tutorial. Better than I could do with what I have. But I will be adding in my spin on here.

All you need is 1 yard of fabric, being 1/2 yd of one design and 1/2 yd of a coordinate. And 1 dish towel.
All the cutting instructions for ties, waistband, hem band and a pattern for the apron are available for you to
download, 11 pages total or
 6 pages for apron pattern that you'll tape them together.

I am going to have to learn how to make my own download file, that way I can post  them for you

My spin to this apron is by adding a towel. I have a thing about wiping my hands on my apron/clothes instead of finding the towel. So what is better than putting the two together. APRON/TOWEL
Now a regular towel  is a little too long, you will cut the towel 3"longer than half. In other words about 2/3 of the towel is what is used. The cut off part could be re-hem and use as a washcloth

Fold the edges toward the middle like so,  HINT: then baste stitch it to keep it stable and easier to handle when sewing on the waistband.

I also basted it to the apron before I pinned on the waistband but that is up to you, if you feel like it would make it easier, do it. I do for the fact the towel is of a heavier weight than the apron and this will help with keeping the towel from moving while sewing..
 HINT: When pressing the edge for waistband according directions I use spray starch.
It keeps the fold flat and crisp even after being handled  while pinning and sewing.

HINT: When pressing the end of the ties, again starch, press the end and then start at the end, press the edge of the tie going toward the waistband. I do that on both ends. Starting on the end working toward the waist.
Makes your corner end perfect , not wonky.

Other than that I follow the instructions on the pattern. I would usually widen the waistband and ties on my aprons because I like how a wider band fits and look.
This is the best I could do taking a picture on me.
This is better, chair is my model. Wish I had one of my girls here to model for me.
It makes a cute and very useable apron.

Till next time

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  1. Cute, and the towel is a splendid idea! I'll look up the pattern.


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