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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Came Already

Christmas is already on the way here in Oklahoma, at least  it has for me. My Secret Santa left me a package at the post office.

You want to see!!!

OK I'll show you.

Isn't that a pretty flower, looks like a lot of fabric went into it
What,  you want to see more, love to oblige.

I just love my bag. She picked a few things I love and represented them on it. My chickens and gardening. I don't think she knew this but I seem to have a lot of bags. I putin them my projects, knitting and at times my piecework.

But that wasn't all, I love to read and she sent me a book that  she had written. How cool is that.

Thank you very much, my Secret Santa.

P.S. There were some Almond Joy bars in the bag too, but somehow they didn't make it in the pictures.

Till next time

P.S. Blog Hop Party is going on and I one of the many who is particapating with a giveaway but I also a personal giveaway posted the day before, so click here and then go to the day before for my personal giveaway of a kit for a small wallhanging. My way of saying thank you.


  1. OH, what great gifts! That bag is darling!!!

  2. Definitely an adorable bag! I am sure you will get lots of use out of it!


  3. Another lucky lady! Woo! You have such a bounty of cool gifts! I think this is perfect! Hugs and enjoy!

  4. Perfect selection for you. This secret santa stuff is great fun!
    Merry Christmas :)

  5. What fun gifts! Love the cute bag!

  6. That's a wonderful bag. The flower is fabulous. It's just cute!

  7. A very nice surprise package. Your Santa did very well on her shopping.

  8. What fun! And I had to LOL on the Almond Joys -- because the cookies my SS sent me didn't make it into my pics, either. Just the box they came it!! Enjoy!! :)

  9. Such wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas!

  10. Love that bag. What a generous secret santa you had! Merry Christmas

  11. That flower is so neat and I love the bag. Your Secret Santa put together a great package. I'm on a quest to find my Secret Santa, but she's in Colorado...not Oklahoma. You must be in Green Country. I think that's what they call it anyway. I've lived in Bartlesville.


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