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Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's talk Hand Quilting

I wanted to talk a little about hand quilting. I love to quilt and for some reason I have always gravitated toward quilts that are hand quilted. Do you too. I would  think about all those stitches taken by some women and wonder what was going on in her life while she was stitching. Then think about the love felt while laying under a hand quilted quilt. I am pleased to know I'm not alone, thank goodness there are others with this passion also and who are keeping it vital part of the quilting world. There are two blogs dedicated to hand quilting and the quilters. Caron has two blogs, first one is Michigan Quilts and the other one that just started celebrate hand quilting.
So part of the reason for this post is that I can join in with other hand quilters and share all things hand quilted.
I have so many more tops that I has finish then quilts I have quilted, but here are a few I have done.
The quilt pictured at the top is the one I'm currently working on. This was last years 30's Club quilt. I am mainly doing outline quilting on this quilt.

This is a small quilt  (18x18) where I was checking out what it would be like to quilt with wool batting,
well,   LOVE IT.
Sorry it's a little on the dark side, thought it was brighter.
I used colored thread red, green and gold.

 I like the look of color thread.
 I had taken a workshop at our guild at least 4years ago by a wonderful instructor (wish I could remember her name) and I remember one thing she said, that was she used tan or light brown thread and the effect was gorgeous. Gave her quilting more depth. And it did.

This is a pillow I did trying my first attempt at stippling.

The last one here is the first of many quilt I plan on making for my grandchildren. I had made this quilt over 5 years ago and I would tease my daughters that this was going in by grand baby hope chest until one of them had a baby, so now it will be going to a grand baby here in a few months.
Well there's a few of mine and I enjoyed making them.  I'll show more when I get others done. But don't hold your breath it will be awhile, I'm not very fast.

Till Next time


  1. Just wanted to swing by and take a peek at your Giving Thanks List. Looks like a really great one today - sleep, oatmeal and love. :) Have you ever tried steel-cut oats? If not, you should!

    - Leah

  2. Oh Kat, how lovely! Developing my hand quilting skills is still somewhere on my skills-to-learn list. I find hand stitching binding such a pleasant activity and do like embroidery. Do you think that means I would enjoy hand quilting too?


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