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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baking and Sewing


It has been so windy today that I spent the day inside, so I did some sewing and the baking that I was going to do yesterday. Pam in my stitch group turned me on to King Aurthur Flour and it's where I came across this recipe for the best bread I have made in awhile. It is so easy and tasty. This bread is made with white flour but I have another using whole wheat that I usually make but I was making this for others who do not eat WW.
Besides being easy, it only takes 4 ingredients; flour, salt, yeast and water. Than all you need is a large bowl or a container like this,

The recipe will make 3 or 4 loafs (depends on size you want)

Oh, the smell of fresh baked bread, life gets no better. I can gain a pound just whiffing it up.

So to keep my hands busy, I finally started Barbara Brackman's Civil War blocks. I have only been following her blog since she started it this year. Oh ya I know, your thinking I have had 11 months to be working on them. But it seems like I would be either obligated to do a job for someone or I was trying to finish some of the projects I have already started. 
Well I decided I better start now or I might not get them (53) done in time. I  figure if I do at least 10 blocks a week I will get caught up by mid Dec. Sooner if I do more. Today I did 4.

11/13/11   I did not name the blocks, so I'm doing it now.

#5 Kansas Troubles


#2 North Star

#1 Catch Me If You Can

#4 TexasTears

They look really nice and I finally get to use one of the containers I  have of 1800's reproduction fabric.

It is a good day when one can sew most of the day and eat freshed baked bread.
Till next time


  1. I want to come live at your place! Fresh bread and bins full of fun fabric. Sounds like Heaven to me. Lovely blocks. Fantastic looking loaf!

  2. The CWR blocks are lovely!! I started my late,also and I got caught up in a month, so I bet you can too!!! Looking forward to seeing yours!! Love bread!! Now that is cooler, I'm baking more - such good smells and eats!!



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