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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A finish and a big head

I can finally say I finish the Christmas String quilt. Just in time to be finish for this months Git-R-Done. My first one and what 3 days left in the month. 

All I need now is to get a backing for it. 

Now for the big head and its not me. 
Some of the veggies in the garden are getting ready to be harvested. Been a slow start this growing season with a late freeze and the delay of  getting the plants in the ground.
Plus I missed out on the first main harvest of my broccoli but was able to get second and third pickings. But happily right now some of the cabbage is ready to harvest.
This is my first head of cabbage and its a biggie. Almost 10 inches across and a few oz. short of 6 lbs. 

I see sauerkraut making in my near future.


  1. That's a beautiful quilt! I like the rich colors of the fabrics and all the different prints.

  2. Beauty of a quilt and why, yes, a big head indeed!

  3. Who can wait till Christmas??? Don't wait to use this beauty .... Put a pot of red flowers next to it and you have a piece to take out the summer evening chill...love it.


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