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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer means Ice Tea

Summertime, Summertime.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we had our summer solstice,
I know in the Southern Hemisphere it's your winter solstice.  
(I love winter)
Being summer here means ice tea time, some love it all year but I'm one who drink it mostly in the summer.
Sun tea is the way I usually make my ice tea and have for more years than I can remember.
For those of you who haven't made this, what I do is use a gallon glass jar, add cold water and I use 8-10 tea bags (cup bags). Sit it outside in the sun and in about 2 - 4 hours it should be done.
Now this is my favorite ice tea but I have been introduced to a herbal tea that has become a new favorite.
I don't mind herbal teas but just haven't found one I cared for as an iced tea. 
My daughter had this at her place when I went there last month and   everyone was ranting and raving about it. So I had to try it to see what all the hooting was about.

Well you know what, it is wonderful, very refreshing.

Now on the package it mentions mixing it with lemonade and so the next time I made it I did.
YUMMY !!!!!!

I was thinking about ice tea and wonder is it as popular in other countries as it is here in the United States?

So if you live in another country, is it popular drink? 
I would love to know.
And what is your favorite tea?


  1. I live in the good old USA and I love tea, lemon tea is my favorite and sun tea is great.

  2. I love that Tazo iced passion tea! It's very refreshing and has a good flavor, and it's pretty too. :)

  3. I buy that at Starbucks as their shaken not stirred tea, with a little sweetener. I just can't find it here....


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