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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Egg Sucker Update

I wanted to give a short update to my lost of eggs.
I had comments about that maybe it was one of the hens doing the crime and I have had that happen before. So I would go out to the hen house many times throughout the day to gather eggs instead of just a couple times a day like I have been doing, hoping that I would catch who was eating the eggs.
Well low and behold I did.
Wasn't any of the ideas of who I thought was the cause.
Remember I thought it could be a possum due to no chickens
 (other than Love Machine) 
being killed. 
Than with the responses to my last post on the chickens the thought of a hen doing the deed was a very good possibility.

But no I was so wrong
I got a glimpse of the thief leaving the house and escaping before I could do anything.

Yes it's a raccoon. 
Why no chickens have been harmed during these times I do not understand but I'm very grateful. So Ricky here will be caught and relocated to another place. 
Away from my hens

The girls will be doing the happy dance soon!


  1. Good for you catching the stinker on the act, and no harm, no fowl! :)

  2. Thank goodness you figured it out . I am so happy it wasn't the hen themselves. What a bad like coon "Ricky " has been....

  3. Oh dear, we have a raccoon problem here too. Glad you found out who was doing it.

  4. Trap that guy and get rid of him!! They are no good and thy spread diseases in your barn!!


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