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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seeds storage

 It has been a while since I last shared what my weekly goal is. Seeing how I was gone off and on the past two months, which seemed to just mess up my routine (doesn't take much).
I've been so busy trying to get caught up on chores around the farm my weekly goal would of been a page long.
Now that I'm getting closer to where I need to be with the chores, I started thinking about projects that I want to do and not ones that needed to be done.
This is one job I have been meaning to get to but I'd  get busy with planting and tending to the garden and I would tell myself I will do the later.
I've been keeping my seed in baggies inside a plastic container that I keep in the freezer. It is a good way to store your seeds. They will last longer that way and I have some seeds from 1999. So don't you think it's about time I go through them.

I have been using them all whether the seeds were for this year or 1999. It's like an experiment, seeing what the germination rate will be. I have been surprise with some and others the germination rate is what I expected.
So my goal is to go through them, plant what I can and just get rid of the rest (those are mostly ones given to me) I'll never plant. And these in most cases are old.
Then once I do that then I'll know what to order for the fall garden.
It's time to start seedlings.

Pete thinks he can help me out. 


  1. I keep mine in a zip lock bag in the freezer too! I just planted the sweet potato slips that you me inspired me to try. Gardening in the south is so different than the north.

  2. Good idea. Although I don't start much from seed, freezing would be better. Pete's pretty! How about a face shot :)

  3. You HAVE been busy Kat!!!! It'll be interesting to see what grows!!!
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)


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