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Monday, June 17, 2013

Home again

After a 15 hour drive yesterday, I'm home again from the Duluth quilt show. The quilts at the show were just beautiful and I enjoyed seeing so much talent in one place. Now that I'm home it's time to unpack. 

All of the goodies that I was able to find at the show.
When I got home last night it was starting to rain and thunder and I asked the "Man of the Place" if there were any storms while I was gone because when I went to go check my Internet I didn't have any.
Sure enough we have had lightning and it blew out my modem and my router.
This brief post is coming via my iPhone.
So later today after I get out and run errands I need to pick up a new router and modem. And then I'm going to post some of those gorgeous quilts, that have inspired me to get busy on some sewing myself.

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  1. Do you use a surge protector on your router and modem? In not, I get one pronto.


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