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Sunday, June 30, 2013

NewFO - Applique BOM

 Time to reveal my NewFO the month of June.


I've probably bitten off more than I should but I just love her design this time and I'm catching it right in the beginning, no catching up to do.
Over at Esther's blog she has started her new BOM. It is an intense applique design. Drafted from a picture of Historical quilt dated 1790 she calls Love Entwined.

This is the center portion but
isn't it just gorgeous and there is still time to join if you are up to the challenge and believe me I think it will be.
But what an heirloom quilt.
Can go to her website and link over to her yahoo group and join, then you'll start receiving the monthly pattern.
Right now I am deciding on fabric choices. She has on her blog posted 4 colorways she had thought about and then on the group discussion there also other colorways.
I believe I am going to go scrappy with a light background.

see more NewFO at cat patches


  1. Wow! that is intense! but beautiful! that should keep you busy for just a little while:-)

  2. I've decided to do this one too - don't know if I'll manage it but - nothing ventured nothing gained, if you never start you can't finish........you get the idea. So far I've downloaded the instructions, read them through and like you, decided I'll go for the light scrappy option. That's it. Ha ha. I also usually grow vegies but the weather's been awkward this year over here (England) extreeeemly cold and wet wet wet when it was time to start planting most stuff I grow. So far only the garlic, tomatoes, rhubarb,strawberries,raspberries, and herbs are playing ball, so I decided to have a break this year and do more quilting. Look forward to seeing your progress on the Love Entwined quilt over the next months. Elaine

  3. Wow, that's just the center portion!? That is going to be one gorgeous quilt!


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