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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Week in Pictures

Lisa over at Fresh Eggs Daily has been showing pictures she takes at her farm and then posts them weekly. I have been seeing her pictures all this time and then for some reason I thought I could do something similar.
I have this new camera and have not yet learned to use it. I just  keep taking pictures with my IPhone. I do well using my phone but I so do want to learn this new camera. To challenge myself I will try to learn my camera and post the pictures as I learn. I'm not going to pressure myself with a deadline, just a goal to learn how.
This time though these are taken on my IPhone.
Summer is here on the farm and the old house has stood for another year.


  1. Oh I do love your photos! I must try to remember to do this. I too, find myself always using my iPhone simply because it's handy, the good camera is all but neglected. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I'm taking a DSLR camera class, with my husband, and it's awesome! We're taking it thru our Parks and Rec dept. It really helps and gets you away from either using a phone or photoshopping everything. While some phone have good cameras isn't just not the same level of quality, especially for photos you want long term.


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