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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Slow Sunday

Today has been a very slow day, I guess it's because of the it is hot out and all I want to do it is veg inside. I have two things I have to work on while sitting in the cool house.
I'm getting right along on quilting my daughters quilt.

I notice that one of the fabrics show light in the pictures, but not in person.

When I get tired of quilting I can sewing on my other daughters quilt, called Candy Wrapper.
Do you notice something odd about one of the rows?

Yes I did it again, sewn it together wrong. I don't know how I manage to get it backwards.
I had thought after the first time I had been more watchful of how it was arranged.
Oh well what could be slower than ripping stitches out.

Such a fun pattern.

Piecing by hand is very relaxing.


  1. It's awful having to rip seams. The fabrics you use for the candy wrappers are gorgeous. What a beautiful quilt!

  2. Yes the heat has arrived! Almost to hot to hand quilt. Love your candy wrapper quilt, would love to know where you found the pattern. Too cute!

  3. Both of your quilts are very nice. I like the candy wrapper. I have never seen that design before. You are right - hand sewing is very relaxing. I like it because I can get more exact results than with the machine.

  4. Both your projects are beautiful.

  5. Your quilts are so pretty and so different in style, which I'm assuming that shows your daughters different styles. I have 3 daughters and their choice in quilts would be in 3 totally different styles. I've always loved the candy wrapper pattern,

  6. Beautiful! Love your candy wrapper quilt to pieces. So charming.:)

  7. I made one of these candy wrapper quilts for my neice..she loved it and I enjoyed making it although I machine pieced it!!

  8. Hope you enjoyed the stitching and the unstitching :)
    Thanks for linking up!


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