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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Fun

I have been spending most of my morning off in the veggie patch, beside mowing and weeding the flower beds.
The wonderful rain we have had the past month and perfect temps makes everything grow like crazy.
Seems like I had finished the weeding and its all back, need to start all over again. 

After some weeding the beds look so good.
These two are just a couple of the beds I have. Thought I had taken more pictures but I didn't, need to take some more to share.

Here's one success that I shouldn't have to go back to.
Had this spot in the back that I haven't planted much in the past because when I would the deer would think I planted a buffet just for them. It gets depressing and costly.
I thought I would try again.

After with some help from the girls
At the local store there was a clearance sale and I purchase some azaleas. Thinking it would be a good one that the deer won't like.
We'll see.


  1. Someone toldme this morning that theMilorganite fertilizer keeps Deer away. They have discovred my hostas this year And I am not happy I need to try this Milorganite

  2. Pretty! I love my little garden boxes. So much easier to weed.

  3. Hi Kathleen, visit Grace at Turkey Feathers blogspot - she also has a problem with deer visiting and has a wonderful non harmful solution that she uses each year. Love your blog, Elaine (Portsmouth England)


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