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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Darn It

I have not gotten rid of that egg sucking varmint yet. 
Here I thought that maybe we did. We have trapped a raccoon each night the traps have been out and the second one we trapped, I thought was surely it. Had the same coloring and size. But no the next day this is what I found.

That night we trapped another one. With high hopes I thought now this is the one because the next day (yesterday) no eggs were eaten.
Was I so wrong. 
I went out to gather some eggs, had earlier this morning, and as I got closer to the hen house I could hear a hen was cackling. They make that sound to announced she laid an egg but in the middle of her song it change. I could see a shadow of a varmint in the hen house. So I went back to get my 22 (close your eyes to that if you don't like) and headed back to the hen house. Well the noises were still happening, not like I'm getting hurt noises, just there is something in my house type noises. So I try to be as quiet as I could but the darn gate squeaked and it took notice of that. So by the time I was near the hen house it spotted me but I too spotted it. There it was, eating out of the feeder with the laying pellets. No eggs as of yet or maybe it just wanted something different to eat this time. 
Any hoot the *?#& thing ran off and I wasn't able to get it in my sights.
Little devils are fast.
Of course tough me had to show who had the last word and fired a warning shot. 
Now whether that will make a difference or not, who know

and frustrated me.

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  1. oh boy maybe you should declare hunting season on those coons.


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