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Monday, June 3, 2013

REALLY.... What's Up

I bet that is what your thinking. What has happened to me, it's been 10 days since my last post and I have felt so lost in some respects because I haven't.
I am home now (5 days) and it took a couple of days of just resting to get recharged for what I need to do around the farm to try to get catch up with the garden, yard, chickens and other odd jobs that were put on hold for the 3 weeks I was gone.
We were lucky here where I live, did have tornadoes warnings but no sightings closer than 10 miles. Did receive rain and hail. Others again in our state and adjusting states were not. It has been a very beastly May and I pray for it to be over. 

For what I have been up to has been mainly working outside in the veggie garden the past couple of days. Seeing how that is where a portion of our food comes from, that was priority over the yard and porch. I'll write about the garden later and the chickens.

I haven't done much sewing the past month, other than the vests I made for the "little dudes"
Picture from the book
I did get the growth chart made for them while there and forgot to take a picture. 
So needless to say what was unfinished when I left was here waiting for me to do. I want to get these projects done and the Christmas String is practically completed so that is what I'll try to finish this week.

And I also need to decided on the 4 Get-R-Dones for this month and update on last months. 
Boy I have so much to do and catch up on... so I better cut this short and get busy.


  1. Kat, I love this quilt. A shop near me has had a quilt this on display for a couple of years and I admire every time I stop in. Last week when I was there, the shop sample was for sale and I was SO tempted to buy it, but I refrained when I thought about all my scrap bins. One of these days...

  2. Your string quilt is beautiful and the nice thing about it is that it would be beautiful all year long!

  3. Love your plaids and color choice!!

  4. I love that growth chart, how cute!!!

  5. love the Christmas strings. hmmmm......do I have red and green in my string stash? may have to start something new :-)


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